US Family Health Plan Presents Vital Signs of Member Satisfaction - Highest Ratings Ever

Testimonial and national survey results demonstrate members'satisfaction with the Health Plan

US Family Health Plan today reports 2003 member satisfaction ratings of 88 percent, which for the tenth straight year, is significantly higher than the national average for health plans as reported by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Demonstrated by member testimonials and the latest survey results, US Family Health Plan remains a viable and stable TRICARE Prime option available to families of active-duty military, retirees and their eligible family members across the United States.

Withstanding national declining trends among HMOs, US Family Health Plan 2003 satisfaction ratings are the highest in the Plan's 10-year history and almost 27 percent higher than the national average and 21 percent rating higher than other government-sponsored military options.

Long-time member and wife of military-retiree, Edith Personette cites the Plan's doctors, home health option and rehabilitation coverage as the primary reason for satisfaction with US Family Health Plan.

"The excellent medical care received during a recent serioUS illness in my family was beyond my highest expectations," said Edith Personnette, US Family Health Plan member. "Our doctor has been extremely attentive and the availability of home-health options were critical for recovery. We are very happy and will continue to stay with our plan. Whatever need we've had, we have been covered by the US Family Health Plan."

In the satisfaction survey, members rated their overall satisfaction with the health plan USing a scale ranging from zero to 10, 10 being the highest satisfaction rating. Nearly 88 percent rated their overall satisfaction with the plan as an 8 or higher on a 10 point scale. Nearly 86 percent rated their primary care providers an 8 or higher and nearly 90 percent are extremely satisfied with the care they receive through the US Family Health Plan. These ratings are significantly higher than the national average of satisfaction for HMOs, which report only 62 percent of members rate their overall satisfaction with plans eight or higher on a 10-point scale.

US Family Health Plan serves its more than 90,000 members from six geographic service areas in the United States through affiliated hospitals and health care systems. Member satisfaction is attributed to the organization's history of providing care for military eligibles; prescription benefits; on-site US Family Plan Patient Advocates in each region; 24-hour access to registered nurses; preventative health and disease management enhancements and home-health options.

"Serving our members' needs is at the core of our Health Plan philosophy," said David Chicoine, current chairperson for US Family Health Plan Alliance. "Our military and their families deserve the best coverage available—and personalized care is the key to our member's satisfaction. We believe that our membership grows stronger becaUSe our Health Plan offers consistency in care, excellence in service and options that people really need. These are qualities that are almost absent in our indUStry today.”

The survey was conducted by Market Street Research of Northampton, MA. Member satisfaction results were determined by a range of plan-related issues gathered through the survey including coverage, benefits, plan administration and cUStomer services¾as well as the quality of health care members receive.

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