US Family Health Plan offers a full range of hospital benefits.

USFHP Affiliated Hospitals
If you must be hospitalized, your primary care provider (PCP) or specialty provider will make the arrangements for you.

Members must use hospitals that are affiliated with their PCP. The only exception is in an emergency. In the event of an emergency, go to the nearest hospital.

Services Overview
All services that are deemed medically necessary are covered. Hospital services may include:

  • Semi-private room accommodations (a private room may be covered if a Plan provider determines it is medically necessary)
  • Physician services related to medical treatment or surgery
  • Specialized care units, such as intensive care or cardiac care units
  • General nursing services
  • Operating room, anesthesia and supplies
  • Prescribed inpatient drugs
  • Inpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation at the appropriate level of care
  • Other medically necessary supplies and services

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