Specialty Providers

Specialty providers received extensive medical training pertaining to a specific medical field. Your primary care provider (PCP) will refer you to specialists and other medical professionals. They are also associated with the US Family Health Plan network.

How your PCP works with your medical specialty providers

If you have a complex health problem, your PCP may refer you to an USFHP afiliated specialist. The USFHP referral network is extensive and offers many qualified specialty providers.

Your PCP and Specialty provider will work together as a team to meet your healthcare needs. This system ensures:

  • Better communication
  • Good coordination of care among your providers

About the USFHP Referral Network
The referral network includes specialists in these medical groups:

  • Franciscan Medical Group (FMG)
  • Harrison Health Partners (HHP)
  • Island Hospital & Clinics
  • Pacific Medical Centers (PMC)
  • Providence Medical Group (PMG)
  • Swedish Medical Group (SMG)
  • Western Washington Medical Group (WWMG)
  • WhidbeyHealth Medical Center & Clinics (WH)
  • Woodcreek Pediatrics

If the specialty care you need is not available within the referral network, your PCP will refer you elsewhere. When both, your PCP and the Plan, authorize your care outside of our referral network, it is covered by the Plan.


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