Mail-Order Pharmacy

Ordering medications by mail is the most cost-effective option for USFHP members.
  • Get a 90-day supply for just one copay.
  • Get generic drugs for free.
  • Have prescriptions sent to your door or mailbox.
US Family Health Plan's mail-order services are managed by the Maxor mail-order pharmacy program.
You can call Maxor for refills, to update your payment accounts, or speak with a pharmacist about a medication.
Transfer prescriptions:
If you already use the TRICARE® pharmacy mail-order program (Express-Scripts), you will switch to
Maxor when you join USFHP. You can also transfer your eligible prescriptions by calling Maxor at
MaxorPlus Customer Service at 800-687-0707 or by emailing your prescription transfer information to
Register and set up account:
  • Go to the Maxor website and click on the US Family Health Plan logo. Follow link to register.

  • For direct access to member welcome page, click here. Click on Register icon.

  • Fill out the form. Use information from your USFHP member card—no symbols.

    • For Group Number, enter your USFHP Copay Level.
    • (For example, if your copay level is NAD-ALL enter NADALL).
    • Repeat the same for your Member ID number—only numbers.
  • Complete filling out required fields. Then check for an email from Maxor to activate your account.

  • Need Assistance? Please call the MaxorPlus Customer Service at 800-687-0707.

  • Questions? We are here for you at 866-418-7347 or contact our Field Representatives.

Ordering your mail-order prescriptions by phone:
  • Call Maxor Mail-Order at  866- 408- 2459
Fill your prescriptions in three convenient ways:
  • Go to the Maxor website and follow the prompts
    • Have your user name and password ready to log in
  • Use the  form, the Maxor Mail-Order New Member.
    • Fill out hard copy and mail it to Maxor.
  • Call Maxor at  866-408-2459
Note: Ask your PCP if clinic uses the ePrescribing (electronic prescription transmission) .
Click here for Maxor's answers to common questions.

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