Understanding Military Culture

May 29, 2019

The US Family Health Plan at PacMed treats over 18,000 military retirees and their families.  Dr. Ludwig cites the long history of working with active-duty and retired military populations as one key reason why PacMed physicians truly understand the unique needs of the patient population.

“We spend so much time taking care of the military community, we really know them,” Dr. Ludwig explained.  “As we get to know them and their histories with the military, we understand it better.  It’s a big part of what we think about and what we do—they’re not just another patient to us.”

Fostering strong, trusted relationships with US Family Health Plan members allows PacMed care teams to personalize health care delivery for active-duty dependents and retirees.

“Our goal is to make sure the patient gets the care that he or she needs, one way or another, and we’ll make it happen.  We are very hands on and close to the patients.  I think that really differentiates us from other health plans,” Dr. Ludwig said.

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