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Self-refer for routine mammogram and eye exams

August 30, 2016
Members can self-refer to any participating TRICARE provider for their routine annual mammogram and eye-exam We have great news to share....

Our network is growing

May 22, 2016
We would like to welcome Whidbey General Hospital and its clinics to our network. They joined us on January 1, 2016 and have clinics in Clinton,...

Senate Staff Attend US Family Health Plan Showcase on Capitol Hill

March 24, 2016
United States Senate staff had an opportunity to learn first-hand about the best in care, quality and patient satisfaction for military families...

Update to the US Family Health Plan Alliance brief to Senate staff

March 18, 2016
Want to know how we deliver quality healthcare and high patient satisfaction through the US Family Health Plan Alliance, a unique care model...

New Legislation Will Change USFHP Eligibility

October 22, 2015
The U.S. government recently passed an act that will affect US Family Health Plan. It will change who can join US Family Health Plan and how long...
Page 7 of 8 | Results 31 - 35 of 39