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US Family Health Plan Field Representatives will help you navigate your TRICARE options and your healthcare choices, so you can decide what is best for you and your family — we are here for you.
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Snohomish, Skagit, Island, and Whatcom Counties

Erika LamarErika Lamar
NC1, USN (Retired)

Field Marketing Representative
US Family Health Plan
Cell: (360) 632-6443
Fax: (206) 568-6558  (office)

In April 2016, I joined USFHP as a Marketing Representative. And, I knew this work was for me after learning what the Plan has to offer to eligible beneficiaries.
I appreciate the options USFHP provides to military retirees, their families, and active duty family members and I believe US Family Health Plan is a wonderful benefit for my fellow service members.

My family and I transitioned smoothly to this TRICARE Prime option, and I enjoy getting my health care close to home.

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Pierce County

Corey HammondCorey Hammond
Sergeant First Class, US Army (Retired)

Field Marketing Representative
US Family Health Plan
Cell: (206) 954-3516
Phone: (206) 774-5684 (Office)

Like many of the Active Duty Service Members, I had never heard of US Family Health Plan.

It wasn’t until after I had retired and a friend referred me for the position of Field Representative that I learned about the program. I did my research for the job and discovered that not only would US Family Health Plan be a great place to work but it would be the best TRICARE Prime® option for my own family.

From my personal experience I can attest to the ease of getting health care under US Family Health Plan. My wife has had two surgeries while under USFHP and the whole process, from specialist referrals to the surgery and follow up appointments, was seamless and very quick. Throughout the entire episode the US Family Health Plan staff was very professional,attentive and helpful.

I think it’s great that military beneficiaries living in this area have more choices in TRICARE programs. I enjoy educating military beneficiaries about their TRICARE benefits and helping them make their health insurance decision.

Please feel free to contact me for a consultation or to attend a briefing on your TRICARE health insurance options.

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Kitsap & King County

Mark SlavikMark Slavik
Lieutenant Commander, USN (Retired)

Field Marketing Representative
US Family Health Plan
Cell: (206) 445-9701
Phone: (206) 774-5696  (office)
Fax: (206) 568-6558  (office)

My family and I were pleased to begin receiving our health care from civilian providers close to home under USFHP.  We found the transition to USFHP smooth and the health plan’s customer service representatives very helpful.

As someone interested in health and fitness,  I was excited about the plan’s discounted offerings. USFHP has grown and has more affiliates in more areas. This means more options for military families. And, your provider may even be just a block away.

I made the right choice for my family. And, I know other military families will too.

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Thurston County

Kevin McDonaldKevin McDonald
First Sergeant, US Army (Retired)   

Field Marketing Representative
US Family Health Plan
Cell: (206) 550-5292
Office: (206) 774-5696

I first heard about U.S. Family Health Plan during my rotation at the Lynnwood recruiting station in 1993. The Plan was offered as a pilot program to the family members of the recruiting company and my wife and son quickly enrolled. We were very impressed with the personalized care and used the Plan until my 1995 PCS to Ft. Hood. When we retired to the Puyallup area, there was no question of which TRICARE® option we would select and we have been members since 2008.

The thing I like best about U.S. Family Health Plan is that the staff never forgets that we are people and treat us accordingly. This means any questions we have are promptly answered and the staff always has our best interests in mind.

I truly enjoy my role as a Field Marketing Representative for U.S. Family Plan because it allows me to stay connected to the military community and I am able to make a difference for Active Duty families and retirees.

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