How much does US Family Health Plan (USFHP) cost?
Please visit the TRICARE site to see costs and fees. Just answer three questions at the top, and the information will be tailored to you.

I am covered through my employer's plan. Why should I join USFHP?
Among other reasons, sticker shock. If you are contributing a large amount from each paycheck for you or your family, US Family Health Plan may be better deal. Visit TRICARE and compare its costs with yours. The comprehensive coverage of USFHP is very favorable when compared to many of today’s high-deductible health plans.

Even if you are not paying anything for your employer sponsored health insurance, US Family Health Plan can help you save. USFHP will help pay your deductibles and cost shares if it is for a covered expense under TRICARE. This works for most employer-sponsored health plans.

One exception is Federal Employee Health Benefits. USFHP cannot supplement FEHB because it is also a federal plan. If you are covered under FEHB you will either have to terminate or suspend your coverage before you join USFHP.

What’s the difference between TRICARE Prime and US Family Health Plan?
Your covered benefits under US Family Health Plan are the same as TRICARE Prime. The major differences are in how your TRICARE Prime benefit is administered and delivered. USFHP is local. So you can expect personal service from our case managers and Member Services representatives. For instance, they will advocate on your behalf to ensure you get urgent care appointments when you need them. And when you are referred to a specialist, authorizations are fast. With USFHP, you will always be referred to our network of civilian specialists. The nurse case managers will step in to guide you through the health care system when you need extra help managing your health conditions. Finally, our Member Services representatives are at the ready to help you with questions about using your benefits.

What additional advantages and features does USFHP offer?
You will receive fully covered annual eye and annual physical exams. Also, members receive discounts on a variety of lifestyle enriching services that are not covered by TRICARE. Included are discounted tickets for travel, family attractions, and cultural, sporting and recreational events. Members also get discounted eyeglasses and memberships at select fitness clubs. Plus, you can save on nutritional supplements, nutrition counseling and complementary and alternative health providers. This includes services like chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and naturopathic treatments. And much more!

I am a retiree. What if I have already paid my TRICARE Prime fees?
If you have already paid your TRICARE Prime enrollment fees, no problem. We will coordinate with TRICARE to have them credited to your USFHP membership.

May I use a military treatment facility (MTF) while enrolled in US Family Health Plan?
US Family Health Plan provides you with all civilian providers—all the time. You will not use the MTF for non-emergency care. You will not fill prescriptions at the MTF. However, if you experience an emergency that threatens your life or a limb, you may use the nearest emergency facility. In that situation, it can be a civilian or a military facility.

When can I join, and when will my coverage start?
You can join US Family Health Plan at any time; enrollment is always open. If you are a retiree who is already covered under TRICARE Prime, your coverage will take effect the day your application is processed. For others who have TRICARE Standard, your coverage begins on the first day of the following month if we receive your application by the 20th of the current month