TRICARE Young Adult FAQs

The following Q&A provides more information about US Family Health Plan through the TRICARE Young Adult Program. If you have questions about the program or enrollment, please contact Enrollment Department toll free at 800-585-5883, Option 1.

We look forward to hearing from you and being your health care partner for years to come.

How do I purchase US Family Health Plan's TRICARE Young Adult Program Coverage?

First verify that you are still in the DEERS database. If you are, then you may complete an application for the TRICARE Young Adult Program at US Family Health Plan. You can download the application from this website. Mail your completed form to:

US Family Health Plan
PO Box 84985
Seattle, WA 98124

How much does US Family Health Plan coverage cost? When does coverage start?

Please visit TRICARE and learn about premiums and copays for TYA Prime or TYA Select.

You can join US Family Health Plan at any time. When you lose your TRICARE Prime coverage you have 30 days to apply to USFHP to avoid a break in coverage. Contact our Enrollment Team for details at 1-800-585-5883, option 1.

Your initial payment may be made by check, money order or debit/credit card. After the initial payment, automated monthly debit payments are required from a savings/checking account or debit/credit card.

Can my parents enroll me in US Family Health Plan's TRICARE Young Adult coverage?

No. The application must be signed by you—the young adult dependent. As part of the application process, you must attest that you do not have employer-sponsored health care, that you are not married and that you otherwise are qualified to purchase coverage.

Will I get a Family Health Plan (USFHP) enrollment card

Yes. Shortly after you enroll, you will receive a USFHP member identification card that will have your unique member number. This card is your proof of US Family Health Plan coverage.

Where can I get care as a member of US Family Health Plan?

The US Family Health Plan offers multiple provider networks with a great selection of primary care physicians (PCPs). As a USFHP member, you can choose your own PCP from the provider network. Your PCP will arrange and coordinate all of your care and ensure your providers work together as a team to keep you healthy.

USFHP members can receive care at military treatment facilities only for life-threatening emergencies.

Where can I get my prescriptions filled?

Your US Family Health Plan coverage provides you with two options. You can order your prescriptions by mail or get them from a retail pharmacy:

  • The mail-order benefit is administered by MAXORPlus and provides you with a 90-day supply. Generic prescriptions filled by mail order are free.
  • The retail benefit provides you with a 30-day supply. Prescriptions can be filled at a US Family Health Plan network pharmacy.

My sponsor is enrolled in TRICARE Retired Reserve or TRICARE Reserve Select. I am interested in the TRICARE Young Adult Program US Family Health Plan. Am I eligible for coverage?

Your eligibility depends on the status of your sponsor. If your sponsor is eligible for TRICARE Retired Reserve or Reserve Select, he or she is not eligible for US Family Health Plan. And so you are not eligible for US Family Health Plan. The only TRICARE Young Adult coverage you are eligible for is TRICARE Select.

I currently purchase individual TRICARE Select Young Adult coverage. How do I transfer my coverage to US Family Health Plan?

You can switch your coverage from the TRICARE Select Young Adult Program to US Family Health Plan at any time. All you need to do is submit the enrollment form.

Your automatic payments must also be switched to US Family Health Plan. Please note that there is a difference in premiums between TYA Prime and TYA Select.

I have coverage under my parent's employer's health insurance plan. Am I eligible for USFHP Young Adult coverage?

You may enroll in US Family Health Plan if you are not eligible for health insurance from your own employer. If you remain covered under your parent’s insurance as a dependent, your USFHP coverage will be secondary coverage. That means that USFHP will help you pay any deductibles and cost shares that you are responsible for under your parent’s insurance. This is true for most employer sponsored health plans.

When does coverage end? What happens if my TRICARE Young Adult Program Terminates?

Your eligibility for coverage ends when one of the following events takes place:

  • You have your 26th birthday
  • You get married
  • You become eligible for insurance through your employment
  • You become eligible for another TRICARE program
  • You fail to pay your monthly premium when it is due
  • You voluntarily submit a request to terminate USFHP
  • Your sponsor loses eligibility for TRICARE coverage
If you voluntarily terminate your coverage, you will be locked out of the program for 12 months. If you fail to pay your premium when due, you will be locked out of the program for 12 months. (Your premium payment is due no later than the last day of the current month for the next month’s coverage.) If you fail to pay the total premium amounts due and any fees due for insufficient funds, your coverage will be terminated. If you become eligible for or enroll in another TRICARE plan or employer-sponsored health insurance, the lock-out provision will not apply.