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About Us

US Family Health Plan (USFHP) is a Department of Defense sponsored health plan, made available by non-profit civilian healthcare providers in six designated service areas across the nation, and offers the TRICARE Prime® benefit to uniformed services beneficiaries residing in those service areas.

US Family Health Plan is a TRICARE Prime® option. We are part of the TRICARE plan options managed by the Defense Health Agency (DHA).

USFHP-NW region is administered by Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed™). PacMed is a multispecialty doctors group headquartered in Seattle. The group has teamed up with other civilian doctors’ groups in Washington, Northern Idaho and Oregon. This means you get high-quality health services at clinics that are close to your home. 

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Military Benefits with Civilian Providers

As a plan member, you’ll enjoy great benefits:

  • Fully covered preventive care
  • Your own personal provider who knows you and your health
  • Access to disease management programs
  • Discounts on health services not covered by TRICARE or Medicare such as naturopathic care, massage, fitness club memberships, and more

You can count on:

  • Same-day urgent care appointments
  • Board-certified, civilian providers
  • A broad array of specialty care
  • No paperwork or red tape

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