Mail-Order Pharmacy

Ordering medications by mail is the most cost-effective option for USFHP members.

  • Get a 90-day supply for just one copay
  • Please refer to TRICARE Pharmacy copayment updates
  • Have prescriptions sent to your door or mailbox

US Family Health Plan's mail order services are managed by the MAXORPlus mail order pharmacy program. You can call MAXORPlus for refills, to update your payment accounts, or speak with a pharmacist about a medication.

Transfer Prescriptions:

If you already use the TRICARE® pharmacy mail order program (Express-Scripts), you will switch to MAXORPlus when you join USFHP. You can also transfer your eligible prescriptions by calling MAXORPlus Customer Service at 800-687-0707 

Register Your Account:

  • Go to the MAXORPlus member page and click on "USFHP" in the top ribbon
    • A new window opens with the Portal landing page
    • Complete the registration
      • Be sure to select your shipping preference
  • If you prefer to mail in your prescriptions 
    • You still have to register with MAXORPlus 
    • Download fillable .pdf form
    • Insert your Member ID number—only numbers
    • Leave the Group Number blank
  • If you need assistance contact MAXORPlus customer service at 800-687-0707 

Fill your prescriptions in three convenient ways:

  1. Go to the MAXORPlus portal to log in 
    1. Have your user name and password ready
    2. Select the prescription refill tile
  2. Mail Prescription fill/refill
    1. Use the form, the MAXORPlus Mail Order New Member
    2. Fill out hard copy and mail it to MAXORPlus
    3. Atttach the prescriptions
  3. Call MAXORPlus
    1. Call the prescription fill/refill number 866-408-2459
  4. Confirm your clinic uses the ePrescribing (electronic prescription transmission)