Comparing Quality of Providers

How do your medical providers compare with other medical providers in your community? Read The Community Checkup, the annual report highlighting health care quality and value at medical groups and hospitals in Washington state from the Washington Health Alliance (WHA).  

What is the Washington Health Alliance?

The Washington Health Alliance is a collaborative group of representatives from health care organizations, providers, and academic experts to reduce the misuse of care and improve quality in our state. 

What is the Community Checkup?

The Community Checkup is the umbrella under which the Washington Health Alliance releases all of its public reports on the quality of health care in Washington state, published in the annual Community Checkup report. Alliance members work together to improve the quality and affordability of health care in our state. The yearly Community Checkup Report allows providers, payers, and consumers to compare health care quality, cost, and patients' experience across medical groups, clinics, and hospitals,

The ambulatory care measures (outpatient care) reported on Medicaid and commercially insured patients focus on prevention, chronic disease management, generic substitution, and appropriate use of services. Learn more about the 2018 WHA Community Checkup .

Not all health care is the same. Check out the Puget Sound Region health care quality.