Continuing Your Care with USFHP

Get answers to common questions about transitioning your care to US Family Health Plan.

Have questions? Call the plan's care coordinators at 206-774-5650, option 1.

There are are no exclusions or wait times for pre-existing conditions. To ensure the continuity of your care, make an appointment with your new primary care provider (PCP), soon. This way, your care can be coordinated with your PCP and other providers.

Please call your former doctor’s office and ask them to transfer your medical records to your new doctor. You will have to fill out a request form. Make sure you put your new doctor’s name and address on this form. Because your medical records are considered protected health information (PHI), you must initiate this transfer. Best is to start this at least two weeks prior to your first appointment with your new doctor. This allows for time to complete the transfer and for your new PCP to review your health history.

The PCP will refer you to other specialty doctors as needed. If you need to see a specialist, the referral process is smooth. How quickly your referral will be authorized depends on the specialty. Most specialty providers are available within the medical group, and your referral will be approved seamlessly and without delay in most cases.

Once your enrollment becomes effective, make an appointment with your new PCP. Talk with your PCP about your medical situation. Depending on the situation, US Family Health Plan may allow you to continue your treatment with your current provider so your care will not be disrupted. Once your course of treatment is finished, your care will be transferred to the US Family Health Plan network. To better serve your needs, complete the Transitions of Care Assessment (TOCA) form

US Family Health Plan uses multi-specialty physician groups to provide your care. The medical groups in our network offer most specialties. However, if you need care from a specialty that is not available, then you will be referred to this specialty outside our network. Your PCP will help you determine which specialist is best for you to see.