Advance Directives & Durable Power of Attorney

Your health plan is like a trusted friend. It is there for you through thick and thin. We will do everything we can to keep you healthy. But if you get sick or hurt, we want to honor your wishes.

Therefore, we want to share with our members the importance of advance directives and durable powers of attorney. These legal documents let you say how you want to be treated and who you choose to speak for you if you cannot speak for yourself in an emergency. We want you to have control over the care you receive if you are unable to communicate for yourself during an illness.

These documents should be included in your medical records. We encourage you to talk with your primary care provider and family members about your health care choices, should you become ill.

You and your primary care provider can complete paperwork that ensures you will receive care according to your wishes.

Download the Forms

To obtain these forms, visit the Washington State Medical Association’s (WSMA) WSMA advance directive resources. Once the forms are completed, please provide a copy to your provider for inclusion in your medical record.