Pharmacy Copayments


On February 1, 2018, changes in copayments for military health plans will take effect.  There are no changes in copayments for FY 2019.

All military health plans will see this change occur. These changes are required by law and affect TRICARE beneficiaries who are not active duty service members. The new copayments are listed in the chart below:

Copay Tier Pharmacy Cost Rx per Fill  Average Cost Per Year

Tier 1

Formulary Generics 

Mail-Order $7 $28
Local Pharmacy $11 $132

Tier 2

Formulary Brands

Mail-Order $24 $96
Local Pharmacy $28 $336

Tier 3


Mail-Order $53 $212
Local Pharmacy  $53 $636

Prescriptions filled at mail order will have lower copays than those picked up locally. If you are not using mail order, call MAXORPlus customer service toll free at 866-408-2459 to see how to move your prescriptions over.