Pharmacy Copayments

On January 1, 2022 changes in pharmacy copays for military health plans took effect.

Please note: Pharmacy copay changes do not affect dependent survivors of active duty service members. They also do not affect medically retired service members and their dependents.

These changes are required by law and affect TRICARE beneficiaries. The new copays are listed in the chart below:

Copay Tier Pharmacy Cost Rx per Fill  Average Cost Per Year

Tier 1

Formulary Generics 

Mail-Order and PacMed Pharmacy $12 $48
Network Pharmacy $14 $168

Tier 2

Formulary Brands

Mail-Order and PacMed Pharmacy $34 $136
Network Pharmacy $38 $456

Tier 3


Mail-Order and PacMed Pharmacy $68 $272
Network Pharmacy  $68 $816

Non-Covered Drugs

Tier 4

  Full Cost of Drug
Full Cost of Drug


Prescriptions filled at mail order will have lower copays than those picked up at your local pharmacy. MXP MaxorPlus Pharmacy handles your USFHP mail order service. If you are not using mail order but would like to, it is easy to do. To transfer your prescriptions to mail order, call MXP MaxorPlus Pharmacy customer service at 866-408-2459.

These price increases were mandated by Congress. They were part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018. The changes aim to bring the amount TRICARE beneficiaries pay in line with the actual costs of prescription drugs.