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Welcome! You've taken the first step toward your TRICARE Prime option with local civilian health care providers. Simply fill out the online form to get more information about US Family Health Plan, speak to a local field representative or schedule a briefing.

Learn about this great TRICARE Prime option in the comfort and security of your home. Sign up for a Skype meeting with a retired military professional. Skype meetings are held every Monday at lunchtime and every Wednesday in the early evening.

In-person meetings are also available. See the schedules in the .PDF forms below.

Meetings are subject to cancellation at any time due to the COVID-19 virus precautions. Call the USFHP Marketing Department the day before the scheduled meeting to confirm. 
Our field representatives are available to provide a phone consultation in lieu of an in-person or Skype briefing and will arrange a mutually convenient time with you. Contact the representative for your area.

Questions? We are here for you! Please call our Marketing team at 866-418-7346. Thank you for your interest in US Family Health Plan

Click on below link to access the online form to make your request.